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Bank VI - Founded upon Character, Integrity, and Trust.
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In 1909, a small bank in Geneseo, Kansas was founded—and for most of its banking life, it was known as The Citizen's State Bank, of Geneseo, Kansas. Geneseo is a small, rural Kansas town in Rice County, with a great history as a railroad hub, and has its share of good, hard-working people.

In August of 2005, Sixth Bancshares, Inc., purchased the holding company and bank in Geneseo, and the financial institution is presently operated as BANK VISixth Bancshares, Inc., and BANK VI are organized under the laws and regulatory oversight of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, and the Office of the State Banking Commissioner in Kansas.  Our holding company ownership generally includes shareholders from the Kansas markets we serve.

Our management team is made up of professionals who have been in the banking business for many years, capably lead by President/CEO Tom Wilbur. the bank’s Senior Lender, and Executive Vice President, Chris Baker, and SVP/CFO Beth Webster. The members of our banking team are the strength of BANK VI, and we are proud of each of their contributions to the bank's success. Other officers include Bill Grammer, Kristin McAllister, Alice Gruber, Jamie Mayfield, Jen Catlin, and Chris Taddiken. Our bank's directors presently include Chairman Tom Wilbur, Daran Neuschafer, Tom Pestinger, A.J. Schwartz, Ward Schraeder, Steve Chase, and Chris Baker.

The bank’s goals and objectives include serving people and businesses with superior financial and banking expertise, in a high-touch, high-tech manner, and in helping others achieve financial success. The bank’s entire team has been hand selected for their abilities, the relationships they have in the community, and their expertise in helping BANK VI grow into a leading banking institution in Kansas , for years to come.

Salina, Kansas has a population of approximately 50,000 and serves a trade area across North and Western Kansas. For the past ten years, the banking business in Salina and across Kansas has been above average, due in part to a stable interest rate environment. Salina gained world-wide visibility in 2005 as a progressive aviation center with the completion of Steve Fossett, and Virgin Atlantic’s GlobalFlyer trip around the world, and we are proud of Salina as a regional center in central Kansas. Salina is home to Schwan’s Sales, which produces Tony’s Frozen Pizza’s; Blue Beacon International, an international firm of truck washes and convenience stores; the Salina Regional Health Center, serving most of North Central Kansas; MDA, a builder and facilitator of surgical hospitals nation-wide; Exline, Inc., an industrial leader in fabrication and repair of engines and machinery; Great Plains Manufacturing, an innovative agricultural equipment manufacturing company; and has major employers in Philips, Exide Battery, and many other companies. Salina enjoys the Rolling Hills Zoo and Museum, the Bicentennial Center, the Saline Community Theatre, the Salina Arts and Humanities Commission and Art Center, the Central Kansas Flywheels Museum, the Smoky Hill Museum, The City-- for teens, The Stiefel Theatre, and our annual community event, the Smoky Hill River Festival--- which in June brings thousand of people to town to celebrate our community.

BANK VI appreciates each and every client we have opportunity to serve.  We are a Member FDIC, an Equal Housing Lender, and we’re proud to be your neighbors, friends, and a good banking partner in Central Kansas.

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